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Updated: 05 July 2014

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Wigan, June 2014

The large building is a government buffer store based on the prototype which still exists at Llandudno Junction. Richard Stagg has had to adapt (reduce) the true size of the structure in order to fit it in the space available. This building not only provides an attractive back-drop to the otherwise undistinguished dock reception sidings but also gives us an excuse to run a greater variety of rail-borne traffic into Mostyn docks. This is the largest structure on Mostyn and, whilst unremarkable architecturally, it has a solidity which pulls the Chester end of the layout together.

The office building end of the buffer store shows off the etched brass windows designed by BMRG member David Faulkner. The whole building spans two boards and therefore has to be removable with its own transit box for journeys to exhibitions.

Making its debut at Wigan, here is Class 08 shunter 08300 - this the first foray into P4 for BMRG member Mike Rapson. It is based on the Hornby model (which we prefer to the Bachmann offering) and has Ultrascale wheels. In 1977 08300 was allocated to Allerton (AN) shed but photographed at Shotton by Mike's father whilst on hire to British Steel. We have moved her further along the North Wales coast in order to provide additional traction in Mostyn docks.

08300 propels gently up to another product from the prolific Padgate Wagon Works of Iain Kirk. Also new at Wigan, B851543 is a BR Shocvan built to Diagram 1/209 as part of Lot 2202 in 1951. This is based on the Parkside Dundas kit.

As part of a batch of five BR Mk1 BGs stepping out for the first time at Wigan, there are four blue-liveried newspaper vans (T.O.P.S. code NCV). Two are shown here with unbranded M80947 on the left and M81417 on the right. The presence of bodyside re-plating and raised window surrounds on M81417 give it a different texture. Closer observation will reveal differing styles of roof vents and the fact that M80947 has retained the destination board clips (clue: look at the top left hand end of the bodysides). Both models have been based on the Bachmann offering.

Set back into Mostyn Dock exchange siding number 1 for inspection of a reported running problem, here is the tail end of a long empty parcels rake featuring BR Mk1 CCTs, Hawksworth BGs, an LNER long wheelbase CCT and, almost lost in the background, an SR-designed PMV.

A rake of nine BR Mk1 CCTs made their debuts at Wigan and here is E94639. These models are made from the excellent (but now sadly unavailable) Masterclass Models kit. You can see the inspiration for this model by looking through the NPCCS album on John Woolley's superb Flickr site.

In contrast to E94639, you can see that M94219 might have led a harder life. Note that the footboards have been removed and the bottom of the left-hand pair of doors has had to be replated. Missing internal security bars are another prototypical feature that can be modelled. M94219 will be returning to the workbench for a minor repair - if you look closely at the bodyside above the left hand doors you can see that it has 'pinged' away from the roof  and needs to be re-glued in place.

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