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Updated: 26 Dec. 2006

Mostyn (18.83mm/P4, Summer 1977, North Wales Coast Main Line)

The Mostyn Videos

Welcome to the Mostyn Video Page. As the operators of any layout will know, reliable operation at shows is far more likely if stock is cleaned and tested regularly. Therefore, prior to the recent REC show, Woking, both new and old stock alike was put through its paces to check for reliable and smooth running. Some of this was captured on video by a member’s mobile phone and is here presented ‘as is’ for any interested parties.

Some of the videos are provided in .asf format and should play on most recent computers using your preferred media player; if you are having difficulty playing them, please save the files and then play them back. Others are on YouTube!

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Mostyn’s bauxite liveried 4-wheel vans made their debut at Woking. Here they are seen trundling along in a train behind a class 40.

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To avoid the possibility of derailments due to speeding by drivers, during testing Mostyn’s trains are often operated somewhat faster than you usually see at a show.

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Of course testing at these speeds helps avoid catastrophe should the local mayor turn up at a show and wish to have a go at operating...

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Of course speed isn’t everything; size is also important! Here is a 100-wagon train being pulling around Mostyn with no difficulty.

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Finally from the Woking show, here is the last train of the day from Sunday. An 11-car DMU ‘lashup’ using a mixture of classes 101 and 108 vehicles.

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